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Yes this is great and all but I still can’t guest to NA servers. Tell me the reason Anet

No cross region guesting? I’m totally not excited.

Yeah, I guess this is cool in that populations will even out more. But definitely still aching for NA/EU region guesting…

Kinda worried how this will effect RP, although I’ll wait to see how they handle it first (if we’re allowed to designate “roleplay” as an activity preference I’ll be overjoyed).

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I need more info before I can really make up my mind. I guess they can’t make districts like they did in GW1. I’m wary of letting the game decide where I end up, rather than just choosing on my own.

Interesting. We’ll see how this works out. 

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Official announcement! :) 

"beginning april 1, 2014" does this mean it will be longer than one day?

I wouldn’t mind if it were more than one day, so those of us stuck at work/school can get full enjoyment out of it.

When I logged in last night (it’s morning for me now), I saw no bobble heads. :C

I had to log in, then log completely out of the game, and log in again. It finally showed. 

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Puuurfection. :) 

Tumblr pro! 

  04/01/14 at 06:41pm

Finally got home to check out my bobble head kitties! Neither of them seem to sure about all this. :) 

  04/01/14 at 06:38pm


Protip for RPing seriously in GW2 today:

1.  Log in on the character you want to roleplay.  

2.  Switch to another character.

3.  Exit out of guild wars while logged onto character #2.

4.  Log back in on character #1.  They SHOULD be normal.  No not leave the area you are in or you will be bobbleheaded.

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This won’t end well.

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Official announcement! :) 

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*Evil fits of laughter.*

Hahah! I see Nipp! Thanks for including her. What a great prank! 

Nipp: *trying to clean her muzzle* Speak for yourself! XO 

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GW2 Permanent Minstrel Finisher (no Bobblehead effect) (by Dulfy)

Too bad I’m not a pvper. I might have actually considered this finisher. Imagine downing Scarlet with it! XD

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Say Goodbye to Armor Repair Costs and Hello to Free Trait Resets ›


The feature pack is bringing some changes to the economy for reasons I’m sure the in-house economist could explain more clearly than I, so here’s a rundown.

  • Armor repairs are now free
  • Trait resets are now free
  • Trait tiers unlock automatically
  • Champion Bags drop less raw currency

Finally, “adjustments” are being made to how our favorite djinn in the mystic forge hands out rares and exotics. The devs, however, did state that this will not change the rate precursors are given.

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