Har! I bring the color to any moot I may go to now! And the noisemaker. There are those that are less thrilled with the latter, however.

Okay. Here’s the long awaited clown gun! Hah, I know a lot of people are not a big fan of the legendary pop gun, but you know what? Just look at this bright and colorful thing! Better yet, if you have a chance, LISTEN to it!

Congrats, Elsi! You’re sure to be the life of any party now!

Woot! Congrats!! :D 

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Thank u anet


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Traits Unleashed: Forty New Traits and More! ›


Quick hits from the official post about the trait system coming in the feature patch!

  • Trait tiers now unlock for free at level 30, 60, and 80
  • Each trait line now only has 6 points that can be put into it
  • Characters at level 80 have 14 points to spend
  • Each point in the new system equals 5 in the old
  • Gain 1 point every 6 levels from level 30. 2 per 6 at level 66
  • The refund button is coming to PvE and WvW and it’s FREE
  • A minus button is added to each traitline
  • Some traits are now locked until a challenge is met or they are purchased from trainer.
  • Unlock challenges include minidungeons, WvW tasks, Personal Story checkpoints, beating world bosses, and more.

Additionally, there are going to be 5 new grandmaster traits for each profession! They’ve announced one of the new ones for each profession.

  • Elementalist: Aquatic Benevolence

    This trait contains a new mechanic that will increase all healing to allies by a percentage without affecting the character doing the healing. Aquatic Benevolence has the highest of all outgoing healing effects currently in the game, sitting at a solid 25% healing power bonus when supporting allies.

  • Engineer: Fortified Turrets

    Each time an engineer with Fortified Turrets equipped spawns a new turret, that turret receives a defensive bubble that reflects projectiles for four seconds. This works with all turrets, including the Supply Crate.

  • Guardian: Force of Will

    Grants three hundred extra vitality when slotted (which amounts to three thousand health at level 80 from this trait alone). The result is a guardian that is much more durable when facing conditions and physical attacks.

  • Necromancer: Unholy Sanctuary

    Unholy Sanctuary allows you to turtle in your Death Shroud and slowly heal yourself. The healing rate of Unholy Sanctuary is the same as the regeneration boon and will be affected by healing power.

  • Mesmer: Power Block

    Changes the recharge of an interrupted skill from 5 seconds to 10 seconds. This will not affect skills that have no recharge.

  • Ranger: Read the Wind

    Longbow arrows will fire at twice their base velocity, allowing for supreme accuracy at long range.

  • Thief: Invigorating Precision

    Five percent of damage from your critical attacks will now be returned to you as healing. 

  • Warrior: Dual-Wield Agility

    This trait will increase your attack speed by ten percent when wielding an off-hand axe, mace, or sword.

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I did the thing!

I love it!


Perfect! :) 

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what savings…

WHAT savings?!?!?!

Nooo! I’ll buy stuff from you!! Just don’t do that! D: 

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Norn hairs. 

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Human hairs. 

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Sylvari female.


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Asura hair styles. 

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