While most of the Tyrian population can’t stand the horrible… disgusting creatures, some Dredge have made attempts to rebel against their kind and become more socially acceptable to the other races. It turns out the cause of this rebellion is an increase in peer bullying. Yancy, a former Siegemaster for the Dredge clan in Fortforge Sound spoke with The Orrator:

“I just couldn’t take it anymore. A bunch of us left. Every day the bigger Dredge would taunt us with their big, shiny teeth… I don’t think they were even naturally that color. It’s like they used a spray on polish…. A-Anyway…  one day Igor walked up and after kicking some dirt at me asked, ’Hey bro, do you even dig?’ and, well… I had enough! I love the Moletariat as much as the next guy, but I don’t think he should stand for this!”

What does this mean for you, gentle reader? Prepare to see more Dredge. Like it or not.

Important Tyria news! 

  01/17/13 at 08:03am via orrator

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    Important Tyria news!
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