Announcing Whispers N Whiskers my new Ask & RP Tumblr! 

So I’ve taken the ask-blog and RP plunge!

After talking with several of the awesome RPers around Tumblr, I’ve had the itch to try and develop Nipp and Patch a bit more as characters. While I’ve had fun journaling adventures with Zznaf, I decided I wanted to start something that was a bit more free-form story-based and allowed me to pull in more characters if I wanted to. 

Since Nipp, Zznaf and (eventually) Patch will all be in the Order of Whispers, I thought that would be a great theme for the blog (thus the name Whispers and Whiskers)! Especially since the OoW seems to be a bit more humorous than I initially thought it would be. 

I won’t stop journaling with Zznaf, as I still have a lot of personal story to cover for him, and I think that documenting Living Story and world changes will be fun to look back on in a few years. Zznaf also has a lot of great friends that I wouldn’t give up for anything. :) 

I’m still setting things up, and will be posting character sheets over this weekend so folks can get a better feel of who each character is, and will probably be reblogging a little bit of it at first just to singal boost (sorry). However, if anyone has an ask for any of the characters, feel free to drop it!  

  05/18/13 at 10:55am

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    Sounds absolutely wonderful! :)
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    Ah! This is going to be awesome! X3 I’ll have to think up a few asks to send you later on!
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    Feel free! I’d love to RP with you! :)
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    (Ooh yes! This is wonderful!
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    So Nipp’s going to start journaling, too? Good, I’ve been wanting to chat with her.
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    Signal Booooooost! :D
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