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Crucible of Eternity Story Mode 

Some of my guildies ran CoE Story Mode yesterday (I wasn’t there), and Raith made a recording of it! They had a few rough patches (it was the first time for many of them), but they got through it well! If you couldn’t tell, we’re pretty laid back and casual. 

[WAY] is still looking for new members, btw. So if you want to join us for runs like these, hop over to our website or catch one of our recruiters in game. If we’re not around, drop a mail at Aywren.5438 in game and I’ll hook you up! :) 

Edit: Everytime they reference “Wren,” they’re talking about me. *laugh* I’m surprised my name came up so much even when I wasn’t there.

Thanks for recording this, Raith! :) 

  03/10/13 at 01:18pm via

I don’t usually post recruitment for my guild here, but we’re looking to add a few new friends to our group. Server, class, skill doesn’t matter. Please read to see if we’re a fit for you: 

Are you playing solo and don’t know where to look for friends? [WAY] is here for you! Because GW2 is better with friends!

[WAY] was founded on head start night on the Dragonbrand server by a group of friends looking for other like-minded players to experience Tyria together. So far, we’ve gathered about 45 folks, and continue to search for more.

Guilds toss around words like “casual” and “family friendly.” You’ve heard all that before, but we really mean it. Folks of [WAY] take pride in what we do and in supporting each other inside and outside the game. We’re a group of mature, casual players who like to kick back, relax and unwind in good company.

We have a balance of girl and guy gamers (the guild is run by a group of gals), and we try to keep chat content clean and safe for all ages. We’re primarily a North American guild, but do have international members. Our playtime varies, but you’ll find most of us on later evenings (EST) and weekends.

No matter your play style, class, experience or skill, if you’re looking for a low-drama, no-stress guild, we’re holding a spot for you! We have several experienced level 80s who are happy to help others learn the ropes, if needed.

Also, we don’t mind folks who want to guest from other servers. So if WvW isn’t an issue for you, don’t let your server hold you back from contacting us!

What we offer:

  • Guild Website & Mumble Voice Chat
  • Many upgrades, including Deep Cave storage
  • Weekend Guild-wide Bonuses (Influence, Magic Find, Experience)
  • Helpful Level 80 Explorers & Level 400 Crafters
  • Variety of play styles – PvE, Personal Story, Dungeons, Fractals and a little light WvW
  • Guild Missions

To get in contact with us, sign up on our guild site, which acts as an application. You can also contact me with in-game mail or for an invite at Aywren.5438 

You can also drop me a note here on Tumblr and I’ll get you hooked up. :)

  03/07/13 at 01:50pm

Dragonbrand: New? Returning? Casual? Let [WAY] be your home!

Guild recruitment post!

Just wanted to get one more out there before the free server transfers vanish. If you’re playing alone, but willing to transfer to Dragonbrand and you are a like-minded player, [WAY] wants to welcome you into the guild!

  • Need some help with your personal story missions?
  • Want to try out dungeons, but don’t want to play with folks who just want to speed run them?
  • Looking for helpful and experienced players to explore Tyria in a fun, mature and low-drama atmosphere?

If you answered “Yes!” to the above, Wayrift [WAY] of Dragonbrand may be the guild you’re looking for!

We’re a small (30-40 players) guild of mature players who strive for a fun and family-friendly atmosphere. We are actively recruiting like-minded players, no matter their level, experience or skill – just as long as they enjoy good clean company and like to have fun.

[WAY] was founded on the pre-release launch night and remains a close-knit group where everybody knows your name (as the song goes). We care about helping every member’s ability to progress in GW2… but we care even more about each member as a person!

We are mostly based in the US/North America (though we do have international players), and have players that represent time zones across the US.

What we offer:

  • Guild Website
  • Mumble Voice Chat (Optional)
  • Guild Treasure Trove
  • Weekend Guild-wide Bonuses (Influence, Magic Find, Experience)
  • Helpful Level 80 Explorers & Level 400 Crafters
  • Variety of play styles – PvX and WvW

What we believe:

  • Respect other members and their play styles.
  • Promote a safe, family-friendly atmosphere.
  • Strive for a low-drama environment.
  • Real life comes first. Most of us are adult players with a lot of other responsibilities to take care of. Full-time jobs, school, children, family and other such come before gaming, which means we understand sudden “GTG” moments, times away from the game, and respect when real life calls.
  • Above all, have fun! We don’t have time requirements or class requirements. Folks of all skill-types are welcome. We’re here to help and to make the game fun for all guildies!

To get in contact with us, sign up on our guild site, which also acts as an application. I’ll approve you on the site and send an invite as soon as I’m in world (usually afternoons and weekends). You can also contact me in game at Aywren.5438 if you have any questions. If I’m not online, drop me a mail and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Take care and hope to see you in Tyria!

  01/17/13 at 04:25pm

[WAY] beat Caudecus’s Manor Story Mode on our first run last night. I know that folks said it was beefed up since last week’s update, but with the right sort of tactics, it was still a good bit easier, and shorter, than AC. I know we’ll be running it again.

Anyone have any decent tips on fighting the first golem boss? Granted, he took us by surprise, but we still couldn’t get a feel for what to do in that fight rather than kite like crazy. 

[WAY] added quite a few new members to the ranks last week, but we’re still open for more! So if you’re a mature player and you’re looking for a small, but dedicated guild, and you’re willing to come to Dragonbrand, feel free to check us out

  09/22/12 at 10:18am

I realize I haven’t been posting much in the way of my own gameplay since GW2 has come out. I’ve been completely busy with just playing the game (though leveling more slowly than some folks), learning everything I can and running our guild [WAY] on Dragonbrand. Now that we have a few groups of people who are above level 30, we’ve been putting our minds to the dungeons, which, while more difficult, are also a great learning tool. 

Poor Nipp has been somewhat on the sideline — she’s still level 19 — in favor of my group character, a Warrior named Tai. He’s the short human in the center with blue armor here. He also just reached level 50 on finishing our first AC run. 

Props go out to the Wayrift crew for great teamwork and ability to keep it cool under fire. Our guild may be small and casual, but we can do mighty things! :) 

We are also still open to new members if you’re a mature, casual player who is looking for a home on Dragonbrand. 

  09/15/12 at 10:40am

Note to [Run], [Oops] and [Way] officers responsible for organizing membership and servers


Please PM me sometime today at your convenience and let me know (again!) which servers you are planning to base on. I unhappily appear to have lost track of that critical information in the last couple of weeks, though I believe [RUN] is supposed to be on Sorrow’s Furnace and [Way] is planning to base off Dragonbrand. I’m going to be home-basing off Henge of Denravi myself with my original guild, [Duty], so I’m going to need the requested information for guesting purposes (when guesting actually goes live), and for temporary world swaps in the interim. Thank you!

Yep, we’re going to be on Dragonbrand! Anyone else who is interested in connecting with folks on Dragonbrand are welcome, too, even if just for guesting purposes! :) 

[WAY] GW2 Guild Recruitment Post

This Tumblr blog is not for advertisement and such, but since I’ve open recruitment on the Guild Wars 2 FB site, I figured I’d extend the announcement here to Tumblr friends, too. Just be sure to read the full post before responding, since our guild guidelines may not be a fit for everyone. Thanks! :)

Looking for friends on Dragonbrand? You’re welcome in the Wayrift guild, even if Dragonbrand is not your homeworld.

For those who don’t already know, I’m the leader of [WAY], a casual and family-friendly guild that has journeyed through Tyria since the launch of GW1. Though most of us have been friends/family for many years, and enjoy a laid-back, have-fun attitude, we’re happy to meet other like-mind GW2 gamers!

We’re looking forward to exploring together in PVE, as well as some fun time in dungeons and WvWvW. We have a mumble voice server, but it’s not required as we understand some folks are voice-chat shy. We’re also open to those who wish to play in more than one guild or guest from other servers.

We do have a few basic guidelines. Please click to read more if you’re interested! 

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  08/18/12 at 08:31pm

[WAY] Dragonbrand Server

Now that the final list of servers has been announced, it’s confirmed that my personal guild [WAY] will be rolling on the Dragonbrand server, so I will be making my GW2 home there.

There’s a number of reasons for this, but most importantly, it’s a newer server, so we hope that it won’t fill up as quickly as more established servers. Guildies really don’t want to fight just to make it on the same server on launch day, especially since we’re not sure if there will be free server transfers or not. 

Plus, the name is just cool. We liked it the moment it was added to the list, and it fits the foundational theme of our guild. It’s a natural choice for us. 

That’s not to say that I won’t be guesting over to visit other servers, though. There’s a lot of fun folks on Tumblr and I really enjoy meeting all of you! I’m sure no matter where you call your home, GW2 will be just as fun! :) 

  08/14/12 at 09:54pm