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Yana Urthadar! My Guild Wars 2 Norn Ranger! that bear isn’t small, my character is just huge ha.

smoogle.7594 is my user name. Eredon Terrace is my server. if I’m online give me a shout

Dat bear’s smile, tho <3

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Dolyak. You go hunt that, and I will dutifully stalk a stein of ale in the meantime.

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Arts for my favorite norn engineer, Elsibeth Wrenchand! <3 We were actually gonna do an art trade originally, but I gots busy~

I’m gonna be drawing more gift art for some tumblr pals so stay tuned. c:)

This turned out great! :D 

Become the bear!

A nice piece of artwork made by chococat386 on deviantArt! 


Totally awesome — she’s using one of my favorite axes, too! 

Thanks for the submission sppppicy

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Norn have the best fashion sense. Also convenient! Have you ever tried lacing up boots while drunk?

Oh goodness! It’s GW2 crocs! I never noticed! XD 

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Guild War 2 Eir Stegalkin Cosplay , SUPERB!!!

More beautiful cosplay

Sometimes Overflow can be magical! 

So I was running the Southsun event train (with my non-Tumblr bff), and I ran across both Elsibeth Wrenchand and Isa Tope (or rather, they ran across me). We partied up, and had a blast (Engineer pun). 

Elsibeth was trying all manners of color combinations for her outfit (as seen above) and Isa is a super lucky Asura, finding mini-pets as drops every time I turned around! 

I managed to get Nipp up to level 78 tonight — getting closer to level cap! Thanks for all of your help! :) 

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I really need to finish these sort of things while the equipment is still relevant HAHA

Norn engineer Sevrai taking a break back home in Hoelbrak.

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