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Did some more of these guys at the MB workshop in LA for fun

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Quaggan is judging youuuuu!!!


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Super Adventure Box

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Green quaggan calf b

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Commission from Winterwolf to CalicoSteelpaw :)

OMG SO GORGEOUS fjkdsljflskdfja ;_________; I literally screamed in RL when I saw this come up on my dash. :’D THIS IS PERFECT IN EVERY WAY YOU DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND!!! *falls on the ground*

Skir <3333333333333333333333 Thank you so much. *tacklehugs* ahahgah ;-; Kozz, your art is PERFECTfdsgjfdsjgsld… I am honestly beyond happy right now omg

Promise kept, mah dear~ X3 And you’re more than welcome! So happy to see you spazzing out! XD 

And again, Kozz… thank you so much for taking the commission. I was beyond pleased with the result here, and the response it got! :D 

Wow, this came out amazing!! : O 

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Quaggan Collection! ›

Made by my friend Reina!

So cute! Here’s the image below, too: 

Thanks for your submission! :) 

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Ask Calico Steelpaw: Mama Calico ›


This morning a curious thing was left for me on my doorstep.image

There were three baby quaggans waiting for me, and they looked as if something terrible had just happened to them…

I had no idea why they were there, but just seeing their sad little faces made my heart sink. I so badly wanted to…

Awww…. : O 


The Creation of Quaggan by ~ThisIsIsi

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firebreathing baby quaggan with a surprising voice for a baby quaggan. I’ve seen it all.

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