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Flameseeker Chronicles: Crashing Guild Wars 2's anniversary bash | Massively ›

ArenaNet’s latest release for Guild Wars 2the Queen’s Jubilee, takes place in the human capital city of Divinity’s Reach. Not everyone is as giddy about this as I am. Humans are boring. Do we really need another festival-based event? Where’s the real lore? However, Divinity’s Reach is a hotspot for plot-based drama and intrigue, and setting an event there does more than just encourage players to return to the city for the sake of livening it up: it also sets the stage for ArenaNet to (hopefully) revisit some of the plot elements introduced at the launch of the game.

The update will have gone live by the time this article is published, but chances are we won’t know every bit of the story right away, so I’m going to take this opportunity to recap some of the pieces on the chess board which could make this event important to more than just humanity. This will necessarily include massive spoilers for the plot of GW2.

Pretty cool article throwing out some theories! 

  08/12/13 at 12:11pm

The Music of Super Adventure Box | ›


I would absolutely hate to be making music for video games in the 1980s.

Don’t get me wrong. I love classic game music. The hours spent playing and listening to classic NES, Super Nintendo, and Gameboy games had an enormous influence on me. However, the restrictions composers such as Koji Kondo, Hip Tanaka, Kazunaka Yamane, and Hiroshige Tonomura (just to name some of my favorites) had to deal with to create the iconic pieces of music we know and love are so mind-boggling, I’m thankful to not have to deal with them. Here’s a crash course on what making music for video games used to be like, as seen through the lens of our recent Super Adventure Box release in Guild Wars 2.

  04/03/13 at 11:40pm

World vs. World: Introducing World Ranks and More | ›


The goal for this system is to ensure that players always have something to constantly work towards. We want each character to have a unique experience in WvW, so World Ranks and WXP are all character-based values rather than account-based. We believe that in the long run, this will actually help incentivize players to experiment with various different ability builds for each character. It also creates a long term goal for players of multiple characters, as they can strive to rank up multiple characters to help show off their dedication to WvW.

One of the goals our team set for ourselves with the WvW progression system was to ensure that it could be expanded in the future. In fact, we’re already working on additional abilities that we plan to release in the future, and we’ll increase the amount and variety of abilities available for purchase in future updates. We do hope you enjoy the abilities we are initially releasing with this system, and we appreciate any feedback players have so we can improve on the system in the future.

  03/23/13 at 02:19pm

Guild Missions: A Good Foundation | ›


New Mission Type: Bounty Hunt Training

One of the most exciting aspects of the guild mission feature is our ability to add completely new types of missions. And while the sky’s the limit on what these new types could be, this month we set our sights on something much closer to the ground level: the Bounty Hunt training mission.

This mission is designed to provide small and casual guilds with an avenue for accessing and unlocking guild content. The objective is simple: defeat one bounty target within fifteen minutes. Make no mistake, this is still very much a group activity, as tracking and defeating even a single bounty is no trivial task. Those players who belong to a one-person guild may still have to join forces with some other players for at least a limited run.

An important detail to note is that the Bounty Hunt training mission is automatically available to be built once the guild has researched Art of War Level 3. It costs 300 Guild Influence and 72 hours of research time. Instead of Guild Merits, 3000 Guild Influence will be rewarded. This ought to be perfect for the smaller or less active guild that can’t earn at least 1000 Influence a day.

Thank you! This is moving in the right direction! 

  03/22/13 at 11:20pm


A hybrid army erupts through fiery portals in the Shiverpeaks. A Molten Alliance between the dredge and the charr Flame Legion has created a force powerful enough to massacre any who stand in their way. One settlement, one homestead at a time, they’re wiping out all resistance. The razing has begun.

In Flame and Frost: The Razing you’ll meet the norn Braham and Rox the charr, two Tyrians who fervently believe in doing what’s right, no matter the risk. Join Braham and Rox in a desperate battle to defend their homelands from annihilation in the third installment in this four-part series!



Braham’s Struggle:

As the cities struggle to handle the influx of refugees, a valiant young norn named Braham seeks help for the besieged people of his homestead. Join Braham on his journey to find aid for those norn who stayed behind in the foothills of the Shiverpeaks—a journey that will bring you into conflict with the deadly Molten Alliance!


Rox’s Mission:

During the chaos, Rox—a charr ranger lacking a warband—is sent on a desperate mercy mission by Rytlock Brimstone himself. Team up with this young charr gladium as she strives to prove her worth on a dangerous errand in the midst of a war zone!



We’ve Been Infiltrated!:

The dredge have constructed a series of surveillance posts throughout the Diessa Plateau and Wayfarer Foothills to keep tabs on their prospective new territory. Confound the Molten Alliance’s war efforts by destroying these spy posts wherever you find them!



New WvW Progressions and Abilities:

There’s never been a better time to play World vs. World! We’re adding a brand-new WvW progression system—which includes new World XP and new WvW Ranks. You can use your WvW Ranks to purchase new titles and abilities that are exclusive to WvW. We’re also rolling out new WvW achievements to help you track and plan your progress; you can keep track of them in your Achievement panel.


Improved World vs. World Performance:

We’ve made vast improvements in World vs. World with the elimination of culling, a process that used to make some enemy players invisible in large groups. Beginning March 26, you’ll be able to see way more players on-screen in WvW, even in the largest pitched battles!



New Guild Bounty Hunt Targets:

More fugitives are on the run, and the Tyrian authorities need your guild to bring them in! Prepare yourself for a challenge, because these three new bounty targets are more elusive and menacing than ever. Bounty Hunt Training missions are perfect for a new or small guild looking to work their way up to bigger challenges.


Introducing Leaderboards:

We’re excited to announce that we’ll activate Guild Wars 2 leaderboards with the release of Flame and Frost: The Razing on March 26. However, the leaderboards website won’t be visible to players until we’re sure it has stable information, which could take up to a week after the release goes live on March 26. Initially, the leaderboards will feature WvW rankings, PvP player rankings, and total achievement points.



Need Guidance?:

Heralds in each capital city will bring you up to date on the latest Living Story content. Look for special scouts in Diessa Plateau and the Wayfarer Foothills who will point you towards nearby activities.

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Mechanics Post: Trahearne


So, a few of my longer and older followers might remember I made a habit of making mechanics posts during the CB events to discuss things that went on in game. Well, as time progressed, I did less and less of these because we understood more of the mechanics the more that we played.

I could make a WvW mechanics post, for example, but we all already know how WvW works at this point! (Besides, I’ve already done that, and repeating myself is uncool.)

However, although I was having some silly giggles when going through Trahearne’s tag on Tumblr, I also realised that a lot of people didn’t fundamentally understand why the response to his character in GW2 was so negative. Now this - this - is something I can definitely get a mechanics post out about!

So if anybody wants to hear a bit of logic as to why Trahearne’s character is generally so disliked amongst the community, please see past the read more. Also, don’t fear, this isn’t a let’s-bash-Treesus post. I’m not here to flame Trahearne, I’m here to explain his fundamental flaws! (Also, I’m not here to tell you that you can’t like Trahearne. Let’s face it, he’s hot for a salad, and it is absolutely a-okay if you think he has a good character and you liked him. Good on you! To be fair, after reading some of the Trahearne tag, I kind of like him, too.)

Without any further delay, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:
TREEBUS: why we generally dislike him

Read More

Well written! 

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World vs. World:The End of Culling | ›


If you’ve ever played World vs. World in a large group, you’ve probably noticed that there were some enemy players that you couldn’t see. That was an unfortunate side effect of a process called culling. I’m pleased to announce that in the upcoming patch on March 26, we’re going to turn culling off completely in WvW. This will make invisible enemies (except those using invisibility skills, of course) a thing of the past. 

In PVE, too, please? :) 

  03/13/13 at 07:02pm

Living Story: Evolution | ›


We’ve had long meetings, with our most colorful thinking caps on, to discuss how we will pay off all your patience during these early months of teaser content, and we’ve come up with some thrilling storylines that we feel will keep you intrigued and get you even more deeply involved in the ongoing progress of the Living Story. Aside from the Living Story main characters, we’ll also be surprising you with interesting villains, one of whom will become your personal nemesis. Again, no spoilers allowed, so I can’t tell you more than that, but you’ll recognize this sassy character when you see…um, him/her/it. <grin>

With the February release, we’re further advancing the Flame and Frost storyline in fun ways, but we still consider this to be teaser content. You’ll get to experience saving homesteaders and ranchers in a more direct way, no longer just as volunteers, but becoming actual defenders of the residents of the Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau.

  02/28/13 at 08:40pm


Massively’s Guild Wars 2 Gathering Storm Preview

Elisabeth Cardy of tackles the new content to bring us this quick look at what it has to offer, check it out here.

  02/26/13 at 02:24pm via kilabytes

Guild Missions are designed to provide content that compliments existing PvE gameplay. In many ways Guild Missions provide a clear framework for guilds to undertake fun activities as a group, as opposed to requiring Officers or Guild Leaders to think of spontaneous activities for their guild to participate in. Guild Missions vary between five different mission types, each of which offers a steep challenge for the guild to overcome, with worthwhile rewards. While the point of entry to unlock Guild Missions might be steep (we’ll cover this a little later on) this content is design to stretch even the largest guilds while most can readily be completed by the smallest number of players. (via Complete Guide to Guild Missions | Guild Wars 2 Hub)