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*Evil fits of laughter.*

Hahah! I see Nipp! Thanks for including her. What a great prank! 

Nipp: *trying to clean her muzzle* Speak for yourself! XO 

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[Click to see larger size image here.]

Zznaf carrying Xin to safety through a burning Lion’s Arch. Sorry to folks who follow my RP Tumblrs and already have this on their dash, but I really wanted to share the cover art for this piece of writing here, too!  (Hope you don’t mind.)

I didn’t know exactly the best way to draw the concept of Death Shroud and life stealing energies, but I was pretty happy with how it came out. I planned on writing and illustrating this since the idea slammed me in the back of the head last week. I can’t be too sour with ANet burning Lion’s Arch because it at least gave me one good plot idea! :) 

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I’m in your fandom, deliberately ruining your lore~

Headcanon: Asura are the leading-edge experts and producers of EDM in Tyria. Underground nightclubs have recently and rapidly proliferated in Rata Sum, much to the chagrin of local authorities and the Arcane Council. However, any young, energetic Asura seeking a thriving nightlife after long days attending college courses or working in a lab don’t seem to mind one bit.

Sort of a response to an earlier Photoshop doodle I made while slightly tipsy.

As far as the art goes, it’s my usual preferred mashup of Copic markers, a touch of colored pencil, inking pen, and Photoshop. The Asura and golem were drawn and colored separately on a couple of artist trading cards, then scanned in and worked/finished together. I actually had both the drawings finished a while ago, but couldn’t scan them and bring them into Photoshop until now.

WiP seen here, in inking stage.

It’s not perfect, but it’s something considering how few fully-finished-with-background drawings I’ve actually been producing lately. Yay.

I’m liking this! :) 

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Hey guys! With the new patch I found a new asura with a new hairstyle! Her name is Taimi! She’s in Lornar’s Pass neat Winterthaw waypoint. She’s standing on top of her golem.

Cute!! :) 

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For MajorTechCat

I love it when my brain says it’s time to do art at 3 am in the morning. > u >;

Aw… this is lovely! 

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i found them just.. standing there..

Hmmm…. Not sure if this is legit. ^_~ 

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I had a lot of fun drawing (and writing) this piece. Was really experimenting with Asura expressions and body language. Not to mention Charr. :) 

I try not to reblog too much of my own stuff, but I was fond of the outcome of this picture. Plus it’s just sweet to see Xin get what’s coming to her. 


A Tale of Two Kitties Part 4 


|Because Tumblr shrinks the art, here’s the full-size picture.|

-Part 1- 

-Part 2-

-Part 3-


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Zznaf reached 200 followers and I realized I never drew him! I love reading about his adventures.

OOC: Oh my goodness! Thank you VERY MUCH!! I adore this beyond what a meager little thank you post can express!! (If you don’t believe me, look at all the exclamation marks! *laughs*) You captured him and his stumbling antics perfectly! :D 

*so much love* 

This deserves another reblog here because I’m totally super honored! : D  

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This week has been rather fun and interesting. I’ve met a lot of people, some friendly, some not…some in need of a hug, others looking to give them….

I’ll be rolling out the entries now that things have settled and the lab is finally clean after the skritt swarmed through and broke the imagery duplication device. But nothing a little Asura know-how can’t fix!

Last night though had a nice bit of flute playing by Mistress Cara in Rata Sum. She plays very well and it convinced me to pick up flute playing. I even stopped drawing to join in playing with her for awhile.

Lovely work! :) 

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Tried to draw my GW2 character again. It’s difficult to translate the GW2 art style into my cartoony style v.v

This is my engineer Oocka, my first character that I ever created in the game. She’s lvl 80 but I can’t finish her Personal Story, the mouth of zhaitan is cheating >.>

No worries on your style! It looks lovely! I know what and who you drew and the shading is pretty fantastic as well. Keep at it! (And I have a weakness for engineers but shhhhhh.)


A Fellow Cartoony Artist

I think she’s adorable! Keep drawing in your style. It rocks! :) 

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