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Finally got home to check out my bobble head kitties! Neither of them seem to sure about all this. :) 

  04/01/14 at 06:38pm


*Evil fits of laughter.*

Hahah! I see Nipp! Thanks for including her. What a great prank! 

Nipp: *trying to clean her muzzle* Speak for yourself! XO 

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Incomplete warmup sketch I did the other day. In case I don’t get around to my LA comic, at least I have something up relating to the event.

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~Farewell doesn’t mean goodbye.~

  02/17/14 at 09:01pm


Duran Khan, the golden King of Derp!

"Every peasant and citizen has the right to carry a Giant Chiken!"

"Phurr" *falls on a bed of roses*

And so i crafted the last piece of the ascended armor and got a crown, which looks hilarious! XD

I only want the stats so this crown is now a Vigil Helm. :p

Looking awesome! Huge congrats! :) 

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Because I’m retarded in the morning.  Woke up with this stupid little idea and couldn’t stop giggling at the thought.

Inspired by a gif Softpaw linked me yesterday of two puppies biting each others’ faces and the conversation that ensued due to that.

And also because Mharyk and Ancora are stupidly cute.

Best festive Charrtwork ever! *nom!*

Makes sense to me! :)

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  1. thayet said: These are so cute! xD How about Sailor Rytlock and his pet Logan? x3 

I already drew Rytlock actually! But I thought he deserved a bit of color and whatnot. ;3 Also I couldn’t resist drawing Luna Thackery.

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Some doodles of my charrdian, Cosilu Swiftsnuggle [x] I based her on a barn owl when I made her

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  11/02/13 at 10:08pm via syberfab

"Dragons? Yeah, sure why not… though I like mine with a bit of red wine."

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I had a lot of fun drawing (and writing) this piece. Was really experimenting with Asura expressions and body language. Not to mention Charr. :) 

I try not to reblog too much of my own stuff, but I was fond of the outcome of this picture. Plus it’s just sweet to see Xin get what’s coming to her. 


A Tale of Two Kitties Part 4 


|Because Tumblr shrinks the art, here’s the full-size picture.|

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-Part 2-

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