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My Asuran Engineer

Asuran Engineer for the win! Nice job with the art and thanks for the submission! :D 

  08/06/13 at 10:10pm



Something I started a few months back but never got around to finishing till now. I watch a lot of reality shows… what can I say. :B

So beautiful. I have an urge to draw charrs in polos now.

Awesome work! XD 

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GW2 - Charr Elementalist by *Huussii

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Speed sketch of FourLeafFaun’s charr mesmer. Thanks for your art of Zznaf! :) 

Eeeeee!  Look at my pretty mesmer. :D  Thank you so much, this is wonderful!  

Happy that you liked it! :D 

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GuildWars 2 fan art : Norn brewer costume concept by ~dinotiste

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(via Swiftpaw and Eberle colours! by ~Biapaws on deviantART)

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“If I fits, I sits.” aka “The charr traps are working!”

Based off of the popular leopard in a box photo that has been going around. XD A chibi version of my Charr necromancer, Jayden Quickclaw. Apparently he likes boxes.

Too cute! 

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  03/19/13 at 08:41pm