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Day 56Let’s get creative: if you could create a new profession, what would it be like? (Realism & plausibility be damned, let your imagination fly!)

No imagination here. I want my Dervish back!

Well, maybe with a tweak to the playstyle. I was never a huge fan of the enchantment thing… I just wanted to run around and beat on monsters with a scythe. Give me my scythe back, please, Anet! : < 

PS. Not a scythe skin. A REAL scythe. Melee weapon. Yes. 

  06/16/13 at 11:57am


Day 39. Are you a GW1 veteran? If not, how did you find out about GW2?

Indeed, I am. I played GW1 back during the free beta weekends and picked the game up shortly after launch. :) 

  05/30/13 at 07:48am

Development Ceases, Automation to Kick In - Guild Wars News - ›

ArenaNet has announced that after eight years, active development on its flagship title, Guild Wars, has officially ended. From here on out, the Automated Tournament System will kick in, as well as an automated map rotation system.

You’ve already seen changes to support automation rolled out to our festival content, but to recap, major festivals now use tokens that players can redeem for one of the special items the event offers. Players are only allowed to choose one, but the choice allows newer players a chance to get items they otherwise never would have been able to and allows longtime players the opportunity to complete their collections. We’ll be making changes along these lines to our remaining celebrations, so that the entire year’s worth of festivals will run seamlessly.

In conjunction with this, we’ve also changed the distribution of birthday presents. Characters celebrating eight or more years in Tyria now get a token that they can then trade in for one of the gift boxes from any of the previous years. The distribution rates for the miniatures remain the same, but players can now target their favorite era every time a new year rolls around.

With these changes, Guild Wars will be more streamlined and self-supporting than ever, traits that will enable the game to be enjoyed for years to come.             

Read the full post on the Guild Wars site.

Makes me a bit sad, but I guess it was going to happen. :< 

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  05/19/13 at 09:28am


30 Day GW2 Challenge: Day 17

Day 17:Your favorite GW2 related Youtube video?

I found this the day before GW2 launched and it is the best thing ever. Even though it is only about GW.

Have to reblog the Kormir video yet again. Sorry guys. 

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This is my entry to Weirdfolio's Guild Wars Tarot Drawing CollaborationWe were given permission to post them now that the art deadline is over. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of these across Tumblr!

I jumped at the chance of drawing Prince Rurik and Lady Althea from Guild Wars 1 as the Lovers. There’s so much tragedy in their lives that I wanted to capture them in a happy moment before the Searing. 

I had to log back in on a character I left in Pre-Searing to get a few reference screens for this, but it was totally worth it. I hope this looks halfway correct as I never even considered drawing these two before now! 

Rurik had some cheesy lines sometimes, but I still luv him. He deserves a moment of joy, even if it is just fan art. :) 

-Click here to see the full-sized version of this-

  04/29/13 at 01:55pm

Guild Wars 2 Tarot Drawing collab State of Affairs


At the moment i have only 9 cards recived. i know at least from one card that is almost ready and one that is just on the sketchboard. I also got reports from a broken tablet and illness.

May everyone that finished his/her card please inform me so that can estimate how good/bad the actual state of affairs really is.

I already tinker with the idea to set a new deadline if everyone is up to it. obviously the last one wasn’t the best choice. :/

I really wanted to make one big post but with this few cards I’m not sure if this makes sense. What do you think? The Participants that already finished their cards are free to post them at their perosnal/art blogs since the deadline is already over.

Aw… I was looking forward to seeing all of them. Hopefully soon!

I sent in mine and you replied, so I’m pretty sure you got it. Thanks for letting us post ours up ahead of time, because it’s been hard to sit on mine for so long. Maybe if we do, that’ll inspire those who are still working on theirs! I know it’ll be an awesome project when we get them all done! 

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reminder that i once drew fanart of koss from gw1 as bob ross


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[Guild Wars] Nobody Likes You, Kormir (by PlagueOfGripes)

Lots of laughs! XD

Just saw this reblogged, and decided to reblog it again. Too funny! 

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you think zhaitan is bad? hahahahahahahahaaahahhhahahahahahahaha wait til i wake up!!!!!11

Uh oh! Tis Master Togo! XD 

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