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"Dragons? Yeah, sure why not… though I like mine with a bit of red wine."

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I caved and got my main, Tai, the new Phalanx heavy armor skin. It’s pretty much the type of armor I’ve been looking for him… since the game released. 

He’s such a lucky bum. He gets all the cool toys. :) 

  10/29/13 at 08:46pm


Santa, is that you?

  10/05/13 at 10:41pm via wengra


… ill be leaving now


Some assorted Translate Tyria entries. Living Story banners and some more books.

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  08/06/13 at 08:39pm via riixti-files

White Charr meets Gray Charr (NPC) in the Zephyr Sanctum. Perhaps they’re distantly related? 

  07/13/13 at 10:07pm


I revamped Kazrec’s build. He now has a mixed set of Berserker and Knight gear with full Divinity Runes. To celebrate, I gave him some new pieces of armor for a brand new look! 

He now wears a mix of the new Aetherblade armor along with some cultural armor and his customary Lightning gem. The gloves would have been the Fused Gauntlets, but they looked a little too bulky when paired with this armor. So I’m going to keep the Exalted gloves for now and wait on the new armor that will be coming in the new “Bazaar of the Four Winds” patch.

I wanted to preserve the “classy charr” look while still keeping the “Badass.” I’d like to think I succeeded. What do you think about the new Kazrec? 

  07/05/13 at 10:54am via lordkosmic

Okay. Mirage as steampunk mesmer kitty. I like the legs, feet and arms. Not quite sold on the chest. However, she is a little eccentric and the colors look really strong on her, especially matching her hair and eyes! 

Opinions? Something I should strive for, if possible?

Yes? No?

  06/21/13 at 07:46pm

Got my wings for my guardian yesterday. Just figured out how to get them on his back today (only level 18). Thank goodness for extra level 10 back items from Wintersday! 

  06/21/13 at 07:43pm


C H A R R T O P U S’ demonic kneel face…

So majestic! :o

  06/12/13 at 10:13pm via gw2kneelface