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Tequatl Rising - Coming September 17 to Guild Wars 2 (by arenanetofficial)

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What does jumping from the top of Zephyr Sanctum look like? Well watch this video to find out!

The related Reddit thread has some interesting pictures of the climb. 

Been there.. cept I didn’t hit the water. XD 

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The Living World in Guild Wars 2: Last Stand at Southsun (by arenanetofficial)

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Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash Festival — All-New Content Begins 11th June! (by arenanetofficial)

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GW2 Fuzzy Animal Hats (by Dulfycleric)

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(Sorry for the shitty quality.)

Remember all the good times you had with Abbadon?

yeees i remember XD

You know if you wanted to sell more GW1 copies and shit, you should just

use this as the advertisement.

Because now I REALLY wanna go rock it with Abbadon. :<

I remember this! If it was a friend’s first time fighting Abbadon, we always made sure to tell everyone to dance the first time around. It was just too funny! 

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30 Days Guild Wars 2 Challenge

Day 17 — Your favorite GW2 related YouTube video? 

I haven’t kept up with many of the newer videos, so I’m sure there’s some funny ones out there. But I still really love the Quaggan Swimming Song Featuring Ogden’s Hammer from back during the beta days.  

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Skritt based parody of double rainbow
(you can thank for all the song suggestions tonight)

(also if anyone out there wants to ask questions from a non-guild wars related tumblr character, feel free!)

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Guild Wars 2 - New Character Hair & Eye Colors (by bogotter)

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