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Lucky Charrs Super Cut!



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I love mine! Thank you so much! :) 

Look at these adorable Lucky Charr Nipps created by Calico! Oh, I’m so stoked about them — they are perfect and in every way cute! :D 

Thank you so much for working on these for me! <3 <3 <3 

If you guys are interested in your own Lucky Charr commission, just get in touch with her. They’re really cute and really affordable! :) 

  09/03/13 at 12:51am


Nipp Mousetrap

For whitecharr, of her character Nipp. Took a looser approach to this one to try to have more fun with it, again turning out sketchy, then again they are sketches and excellent and much appreciated practice at that (: 2nd ever charr :3

an independent white charr showing off her pipes because she don’t need no man

Hahah… that’s right! /flex 

Awesome work for a second ever charr! I know how that charr drawing practice can be (I’m still learning and honing my own chart skills). Thank you very much for this artwork! I love the pose and love the time you put into her body composition — specially nice work on the paws and torso! 

Looking forward to your other pieces and glad you got a response to your request! 

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  06/05/13 at 02:55pm


A really belated birthday present for Nipp Mousetrap! Hope I got the markings right! :)

Also thank you again for the ultra adorable Calico chibi. <3 You are absolutely wonderful!

Oh my goodness! This is sooooooooooooo adorable!! :D 

Thank you so much for this wonderful birthday gift, Calico! *charrhugs* Totally unexpected and perfect! :) 


Just began to follow your blog a few weeks.

Still,happy Tumblr-versary!!:D

Oh my goodness!!! :O This is so full of win and adorableness! I don’t know what to say! Thank you so much!!!! I can’t stop looking at it! ^_^

*whitecharr hugs* =^_^=

  05/03/13 at 09:10pm via jaguarcat


What do you do when you feel bad about something you’ve drawn for somebody?


So keeping with the sketchy style because holy balls is it fun, here is something else for whitecharr! Surprise, have a Nipp!

Nothing about Charr ever gets old to draw, I’m just sayin’. Hope she looks okay for you, Whitecharr! :D

She looks nothing short of magnificent, Felidae! Please don’t feel bad about the Zznaf art — I love them both!

You have such a great style — is this completely digital, or do you draw on paper first? I could swear this looks like pencil! Either way, you’re super talented! 

Thank you so much for two arts in one day! :) 

  03/19/13 at 01:19pm via felidae-charr


I saved my picture of Nipp in the wrong format a bunch of times and I lost all my layers.


I hope it looks alright, I might redo it! D:

For Whitecharr, for the gift exchange.

Oh, this is adorable, Boka!! Thank you so much! 

I know all about the pain of lost layers (or painting on the wrong layer). I don’t think you need to redo it at all. I love her fluffy tail especially! :) 

  03/17/13 at 11:41pm via bokasaysrawr





Babby Charrs! Tell me if I missed anyone!

Boka’s that kid that’s too shy and talks to the birds.

Kezar is a Rytlock fanboy always carrying around his plushie.

Ferros is super happy when he gets to play with his toy hammer.

Nipp doesn’t want cuddles, she wants her flamethrower back, because her MOMMY gave it to her and the Primus took it because it’s “not safe”.

Xyx’s mom let her go to school without pants today. (I never really see Xyx wearing clothes xD)

Charming (I can’t remember you Charr’s actual name! D: I am horrible person.) tends to pick up little animals, mostly chicks and smiles at them adorably. Might lead to other hijinks when he grows up?

Rahkt leads the little pack of Striplings because he has the biggest and coolest horns. The ladies love the horns.


Oh m y god Boka these are so cute!! ;_____; Look at those precious babies! I totally didn’t expect rahkt to be in there oh gosh

Rahkt gets all the ladies aww yissss

Rahkt’s horns bring all the ladies to the schoolyard, and they’re like, “can I touch your horns?”

This is beautiful. Simply beautiful. I approve so hard!!!

i want to touch rahkt’s horns

Oh goodness! They’re all sooooooooooooo cute! Thank you, thank you for including Nipp! Maybe we can get her a toy nerf flamethrower until she gets older! 

  07/08/12 at 10:11pm via bokasaysrawr

Submitted by thecharmingcharr 

White Charr - Close enough! :3

I couldn’t help myself, i just had to do it! :P

AWWWWWWWW! Thank you!!! She looks so devious! Someone must have handed her a flame thrower! *laugh*

  07/06/12 at 07:21pm



As a side note, I’m think of doing livestreaming some art at some point, maybe even this weekend, where I’ll draw the daily question’s answer and probably take requests, so keep an eye out!]]

Oh my gosh! *laughs so hard* 

Okay, belly rubs are out. But I give charr-style hugs freely! The flame thrower looks more scary than it actually is. You believe me right? ^_~ 

Hehehe… besides, if I started torching moas, Charming would start to fear for his chickens! XD

(Great work on drawing Nipp, BTW! She’s adorable in your style!) 

  07/06/12 at 07:54am via asksylvari